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船载的 KVH 卫星电视系统-- KVH




世界上 个真正的全球卫星电视系统,支持全高清

Welcome to the next generation of satellite TV at sea – the KVH TracVision HD11 – a truly global satellite TV system with full support for HDTV entertainment.欢迎来到未来海上卫星电视 - KVH全球化的 HD11 - 一个真正的全球卫星电视系统,全力支持高清晰度电视娱乐。 Designed with the modern yacht and advanced satellite technology in mind, this sleek, powerful, and easy-to-use 1-meter satellite TV system leaves every other system in its wake.设计现代船艇和先进的卫星技术,这个圆顶功能强大,使用1米的卫星天线系统,兼容地球上100多颗卫星。

Advanced Technology for the Easiest Operation 先进技术的简单的操作

The TracVision HD11 offers an unmatched suite of groundbreaking technologies, including 4-axis stabilized tracking, KVH's TriAD™ Ka/Ku multi-band technology, and an advanced Universal World LNB, which enables the TracVision HD11 to automatically reconfigure itself to track any of the more than 100 satellites contained in its Worldwide TV satellite library.该 HD11提供了一个突破性的技术,无与伦比的船载卫星电视系统,包括4轴稳定跟踪的KVH的TRIAD™嘉古多频带技术,和一个先进的通用世界的LNB,这使HD11自动重新配置本身来跟踪全球100多颗卫星。重要的是,它兼容iPad ®,iPhone ®和iPod touch ®应用程序,简单易用。

KVH TracVision HD11 – the satellite TV entertainment you desire, the satellite TV antenna your yacht deserves. KVH HD11 -卫星电视娱乐,卫星电视天线

新KVH的IP提供简单自动切换,只使用主接收器的遥控器之间的DiSEqC 1.0兼容卫星自动切换!自动开关机,您还可以选择接收,这样你就可以从沙龙移动到客舱!

通用世界的LNB (俗称高频头,降频器)
Thanks to our groundbreaking Universal World LNB, the TracVision HD11 is compatible with satellite TV services worldwide without requiring the laborious and costly process of swapping out hardware and updating software in each new region.我们开创性的世界通用的LNB, HD11是兼容的交换硬件和更新软件在每一个新的地区,而无需费力又昂贵的全球卫星电视服务。 Instead, the TracVision HD11's digitally programmable LNB, the first of its kind in the maritime industry, automatically reconfigures itself to track each of the more than 100 satellites contained in the integrated Worldwide TV satellite library.相反, HD11的数字可编程的高频头,其在航运业的使用,自动重新配置,跟踪于全球卫星电视库中的100多个卫星。

  • 无需更换的LNB或其他硬件完全兼容所有直接入户的标准和高清卫星电视服务的数字可编程通用世界的LNB
  • Exclusive TriAD™ technology for simultaneous reception of DIRECTV® Ka- and Ku-band broadcasts for HDTV, just like at home!独家TRIAD™技术同时接收的Ka和Ku波段的高清晰度电视节目,就像在家里,!
  • Superior tracking thanks to an all-new four-axis pedestal design with robotic direct drive that is both stronger and tracks better than competing products卓越的跟踪一个全新的4轴直接驱动机器的底座设计,​​强大和跟踪比同类产品更好
  • Greatest range of motion (-25° to +120°) of any maritime satellite TV system 大范围的议案(-25 °至+120 °)任何海上卫星电视系统
  • Advanced RF7 satellite identification, fully integrated DVB-S2 compatibility, and dual tuners that enable the system to update itself when service providers make changes to their satellite parameters RF7先进的卫星识别,完全集成的DVB - S2兼容,双调谐器,使系统的自我更新,当服务提供商进行修改卫星参数
  • IP-enabled antenna control unit with Ethernet connection and built-in Wi-Fi interface, for system setup and operation as simple as opening a web browser启用了IP的以太网连接和内置Wi - Fi接口,为系统的安装和操作简单的打开网络浏览器的天线控制单元
  • Exclusive TracVision iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® apps allow you to switch satellites, customize the satellite library, set up favorite satellite lists, manage dual antenna installations, check signal strength, download and install antenna software updates, contact KVH directly with questions, and more!独家的iPad ®,iPhone ®和iPod touch ®应用程序允许您切换卫星,定制的卫星图书馆,成立喜爱的卫星列表,管理双天线安装,检查信号强度,下载并安装天线的软件更新,以及更多!
  • Lighter design with the same mounting pattern as legacy 1-meter satellite TV systems to make upgrades easy打火机的设计具有相同的安装模式,为传统的1米的卫星电视系统升级
  • Full support for unlimited onboard receivers and DVRs (PVRs)完全支持无限内建的接收器和DVR机(PVR)
  • Integrated GPS and NMEA 0183-compatibility for even faster satellite acquisition as well as keyhole satellite tracking along the Equator集成GPS和NMEA 0183甚至更快的卫星采集的兼容性以及锁孔沿赤道的卫星跟踪
  • Integrated GSM Remote Support Module for diagnostics and satellite library updates集成的GSM远程诊断和卫星库更新的支持模块


Bigger just got even better thanks to the new 82 cm TracVision M9, KVH’s powerful HDTV-ready satellite TV system that offers boaters outstanding entertainment and equips 80+ ft. recreational and commercial vessels with a sleek look that matches today’s streamlined vessels.


  TracVisionKVH  HD11
Compatible Satellite TV Services兼容的卫星电视服务 All Ku-band 所有Ku波段区域直接到户(DTH)服务的全球2

regional services worldwide*卫星电视Ku和Ka波段服务解决方案
Antenna Dish Diameter天线盘直径 32" (82 cm)41.5“(105.4厘米)
Radome Dimensions天线罩尺寸
(height x diameter) (高x直径)
39" x 35"51“× 57”
(130.3 cm x 145.5 cm) (130.3厘米× 145.5厘米)
Minimum EIRP 43-44 dBW 42 DBW(Ku波段)1
45 dBW (Ka-band) 1 45 DBW(Ka波段)1
HDTV Compatible高清晰度电视兼容 Yes (家和Ku波段服务)5
偏移控制 稳定/自动
Universal World Ka-/Ku-/Ka-band通用世界Ka-/Ku-/Ka-band
跟踪技术 多轴动态跟踪
用户界面 启用了互联网协议的天线控制单元(IPACU)
电源 单相 250瓦
300 watts peak300瓦峰值
电压 100-240 VAC
Elevation Range / Azimuth Range俯仰角范围 -25 °到120 °
方位角范围 710 °
安装配置 GyroTrac(鲔鱼塔)升级可用
电源/数据 电源:1电缆
射频 提供 4根电缆
天线的重量 195磅(88.5公斤)
-13 ° F至131 ° F (-25 ° C至+55 ° C)
-40F to +185F
-31 ° F到158 ° F (-35 ° C至+70 ° C)
保修 4年零件 1 Year Labor 8/3年的整体
Tracking跟踪  海洋海事技术
Matching TracPhone Antenna Available匹配TracPhone天线可用 yes 脚注1
The ultimate global 1 meter satellite TV solution for Ku- and Ka-band services. 终全球1米的卫星电视Ku和Ka波段服务解决方案。
For yachts 80+ ft.


  • 包括超高效率八十二厘米直径天线专利新RingFire技术杰出接待和信号增益,扩大覆盖范围,完善的船只八○英尺和较大
  • Allows you to enjoy programming from your favourite satellite TV services around the globe for unmatched choices in entertainment. 1 让您可以享受您 喜爱的节目的卫星电视服务在全球各地的无与伦比的选择,娱乐。 1
  • Offers unsurpassed High-Performance (HP™) DVB® tracking and superior offshore performance in even the most demanding condition thanks to automatic, stabilised skew control and an integrated GyroTrac Upgrade (a KVH exclusive!) 提供无与伦比的高性能(惠普™ )的DVB ®跟踪和卓越的表现,甚至海外的 苛刻的条件感谢自动的,稳定的偏差控制和综合GyroTrac升级 (一KVH独家! )
  • Includes versatile Master Control Unit for trouble-free set up, easy system monitoring, multi-satellite configuring, and easy switching between satellite TV services 包括多功能的主控制单元无故障设置,方便系统的监测,多卫星配置,易于切换卫星电视服务
  • Supports automatic satellite switching from your remote control (a KVH exclusive) and multiple TVs and receivers so everyone onboard can enjoy the TV programs they want 支持自动从您的卫星开关远程控制(一KVH独家)和多个电视和接收机,使每个人都可以享受船上的电视节目,他们希望


      DirecTV Only

详细说明 Your Cost : 我要购买
TracVision HD11 TracVision HD11 TracVision M9 TracVision M9
Description说明 The ultimate global 1 meter satellite TV solution for Ku- and Ka-band services. 终全球1米的卫星电视Ku和Ka波段服务解决方案。
For yachts 80+ ft.游艇80 +英尺
KVH's powerful 82 cm worldwide satellite TV solution. KVH的强大的82厘米,全球卫星电视解决方案。
For yachts 80+ ft.游艇80 +英尺
Antenna Dish Diameter天线盘直径

41.5" (105.4 cm) 41.5“(105.4厘米)

32" (82 cm) 32英寸(82厘米)

Radome Diameter x Height天线罩直径x高 51" x 57" 51“× 57”
(130.3 cm x 145.5 cm) (130.3厘米× 145.5厘米)
35" x 39" 35“× 39”
(89 cm x 99 cm) (89厘米× 99厘米)
Minimum EIRP 小的EIRP 42 dBW (Ku-band) 1 42 DBW(Ku波段)1
45 dBW (Ka-band) 1 45 DBW(Ka波段)1
43 dBW (Ku-band) 1 43 DBW(Ku波段)1
Compatible Satellite TV Services兼容的卫星电视服务 All Ku-band regional Direct-to-Home (DTH) services worldwide 2所有Ku波段区域直接到户(DTH)服务的全球2
All Ku-band regional services worldwide 2所有Ku波段区域服务全球2

Skew Control偏移控制



LNB Options (polarization/output) LNB的选项(极化/输出) Digitally programmable数字可编程
Universal World Ka-/Ku-/Ka-band通用世界Ka-/Ku-/Ka-band
Circular Dual圆形双
Linear Dual线性双
Linear Universal Quad线性通用四
Tracking Technology跟踪技术

Multi-axis dynamic tracking多轴动态跟踪

High-Performance (HP™) tracking高性能(HP™)跟踪

User Interface用户界面

Internet Protocol-enabled Antenna Control Unit (IPACU)启用了互联网协议的天线控制单元(IPACU)

Master Control Unit (MCU)主控制单元(MCU)

GyroTrac (Tuna Tower) Upgrade Available GyroTrac(鲔鱼塔)升级可用



Tri-Americas LNB Compatible三美洲的LNB兼容

Not required不要求

Yes 44
HDTV Compatible HDTV兼容 Yes
(Ka- and Ku-band services) 5 (Ku波段服务)5
(Ku-band services) 5 (Ku波段服务)5
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